May 30, 2024

Why Hair Mist Is Essential for Shiny and Oil Free Hair?

Ajmal Perfumes Online! Hair Mist to Keep your Hair Fragrant All Through the Day

High-class beauty brands have launched hair mist to add captivating fragrance to your hair. Whether you have curly, straight, thick, short or long hair, the hair mist is a must-have item to spray directly or on a brush to make your presence noticeable. Ajmal hair mist UAE offers appealing fragrance in form of Amber Santal with Nutmeg, Cypress and Spicy Pepper as top note. Side by side, the base contains Sandalwood, Amber, Cedarwood and Patchouli strains to make your hair shiny and perfumed throughout the day. The Ajmal perfumes promo code is available to make the price of hair mist within your budget.

Reasons to use Hair Mist

  • Keep Hair Sweet-Scented

Busy life demands to pass most of our time outside the sweet home. Just like skin, the hair get exposed to UV rays, dirt and dust. Moreover, the hot weather causes sweating and makes the hair unclean and stinking. You cannot hair wash each and every time the hair get sweating or dirty. A remedy in form of hair mist is offered that can be sprayed in hair to make them shiny and sweet-scented. It is best therapy to keep in your bag when you are preparing to travel.

  • Help in Maintaining Hair Less Oily and Non-sticky

The hair mist does not effect on hair texture. It is available in spray type that does not let the hair greasy or oily. Keeping the hair texture safe, it is also meant to add long-term aroma to the hair. Avail the ajmal perfumes promo code to order the best hair mist on reasonable rate.

When you have shortage of time, just use the hair mist to avoid your hair from getting the worst state. The mist spray has power to retain in your hair for almost 12 hours. The perfumed hair mist is made of sandalwood, cedarwood and amber therefore there is no side effect if you use the mist on frequent basis.

  • Require Minimum Time for Spray

Use of hair mist is simple and time-saving activity. If you do hair shampoo, you need at least half an hour to make your hair style. Sometimes, there is not enough time to shampoo, hair dry and set your hair. In such conditions, it is perfect to use hair mist. It gives quick response. You are capable to spray the hair mist on your hair through your comb. Within a few seconds, the hair will start giving mesmerizing smell. For oily hair, begin the process with dry shampoo and then move to hair mist in order to revive the hair condition.

  • Home-Made Hair Mist

It is possible to make hair mist at home by using distilled water (half cup), rose water (half cup) and 10 drops of essential oil (Oudh). First of all, add the distilled water and rose in a spray and mix well. Now add the essential oil of your choice. You are capable to order the world’s best hair mist by mentioning the ajmal perfumes promo code. Apply the enthralling perfumed spray on just-washed or dry hair.

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