July 22, 2024

Find Your Ways to Understand Your Frenchie

Frenchie, as they are affectionately called, are very popular pet Pug today. It is even one of the favorite breeds of celebrities. These dogs were created to produce this trademark look, which can be cute, but also means some extra care. Perhaps the most serious issue is brachycephalic, which refers to the appearance of the French bulldog’s flat face. To make things easier, we’ve put together everything you need in a simple, easy-to-use guide about these amazing puppies.


Frenchie Dog puppies love human contact, love to play with anyone and everything and are incredibly easy to deal with – no wonder they have stolen so many hearts! He fits well in an apartment or on a farm and he is livelier than you could ever think. Chasing a ball is one of his passions. He also loves to bite objects and furniture. So it is good to provide several toys, mainly so that he can bite.


The French bulldog’s beauty and hair care is simple, just a brush when you think it is necessary to keep the coat beautiful! Another advantage is that they do not usually exchange or loosen a lot of hair. During the process, remember to check for lesions, blemishes or if the skin texture is different. If so, take the little one to a vet!

Either way, it will make all the difference if you get your puppy used to the brushing process, regardless of breed, from an early age! That way, it will stay calm and everything will be easier, whether you or a professional does this hygiene step.

French bulldog Hygiene

Like any other animal, the French Bulldog also needs to take frequent showers. In the case of this breed, once a month is enough, but if it gets dirty on a special occasion, don’t hesitate to clean it again. It is crucial that you choose special shampoos for the pet to keep the natural oils on its skin and hair, and to dry its folds very well to avoid bacterial infections!


You can clean your dog’s ears with a damp cloth and around with a flexible plastic rod with cottons at its ends. But never go to the little boy’s ear canal. Remember to choose mild and pH balanced products for the region.

Teeth and Nails

All have characteristics of birth that can cause certain diseases, not that it is a rule that the disease will affect us, but there is a greater risk. The same happens with animals and, in the case of the French bulldog, the most common are ocular, such as cataracts, deformations of the eyelashes and entropion. But do not worry! Doing a follow-up with the veterinarian and always being attentive to the pet’s signs are effective ways to treat these problems or even avoid them.

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