May 30, 2024

Freckles, oh my: 5 Things to Add to Your K-Beauty Routine

The jury is out for freckles. Some think that they are adorable features that make you look youthful, while others would do anything to hide them. If you have freckles on your face and neck, there is absolutely nothing wrong with leaving them visible. They are a part of who you are, and they should not be hidden as an insecurity. But of course, this is easier said than done.

If you’re worried about your freckles being a source of insecurity, make sure you add these six items to your K-beauty routine:


The most important part of your routine is sun protection, especially if you’re going out into the sun every day. Sun damage may look like liver spots, which can be mistaken for freckles. Having these sun spots will only make you more insecure about your freckles, especially if you get negative comments about them. Make sure that you wear your sunscreen and reapply as necessary to avoid confusion.

Brown eye pencil

This may be an eye product, but you will not be using it on your eyes in this case. One of the reasons you may not be comfortable with your freckles is because you don’t get to show them off. With a brown pencil, make your freckles look more visible despite wearing foundation. This way, they will look more intentional and people will think they are fake. This will give the idea that you do want to have freckles, and that you are confident with them. In a way, you’re trying to fake it until you make it.


There are, of course, moments when freckles can look awkward or out of place. When the sun is out and freckles appear much more pronounced, you may feel like they are the only features people will notice about you. This can be difficult especially when you’re trying to make a good first impression in a meeting or gathering. For these instances, go ahead and wear a concealer to temporarily hide your freckles.


Freckles are easy to spot on your face if they are very dark and come in clumps. When people are already looking at your face, they might see other problem areas, and this might make you feel conscious about your face in general. One of the problem areas that can easily be spotted when a person is looking at you up close is dry skin. To combat this, make sure you’re always wearing a moisturizer to hydrate your face. You can also choose to spray a mist on your face whenever you need the additional hydration.

Brown eyeliner pen

The best way to highlight your freckles is by making the colors you use on your face as natural as possible. Freckles may be dark but not completely black, so choose a softer color for your eyeliner pen rather than going jet black. A brown eyeliner will be perfect, especially if you have dark brown eyes.

Freckles used to be a problem area for many, but why not embrace something that you naturally have? You are beautiful no matter what.

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