April 21, 2024

This movie won’t make you bored – Zombie Reddy.

The Telugu film industry has a vast market, and the reason for such a great market is the love of the audience for the regional language films. Fans across the country have showered their love for the actors and the films. The industry is old, but the aura of the actors and films has not changed. Even new actors are coming up, and they are further taking the Telugu film industry to greater heights. The work of industry was going well and was entertaining audiences all over the country. But the pandemic has turned things differently. It badly affected the industry and several film shootings. The doors of theatres were closed, and the actors went back to their place. The sources of entertainment for the users got reduced.

After some time, things appeared brighter when the government relaxed the film industry, and some of them managed to complete their films. It was this time when the makers faced the issue of channelizing their movies. In the case of Telugu regional films, aha was the support for the filmmakers. It was the only trusted platform that gave a way to bring the movie to the audience. The pandemic situation gave a reason to the makers to have a film on the same. People were suffering from the virus and were getting infected. It became an idea as well as an inspiring story to fight with such a pandemic situation. The Telugu film that is inspired partially by the COVID-19 pandemic is Zombie Reddy. Let’s see what it has!

Zombie Reddy is a new genre film in the Telugu film industry. A good combination is seen in the team as directed by Prasanth Varma, having Anith as cinematographer and music composer Mark K Robin. The film was released on 5th February 2021. SajjaTeja, Anandhi, Daksha Nagarkar, and many more are the lead characters.

The movie has two different stories. It is about two rival families in the Rayalseema district of Kurnool and four boys from a different city stuck there. The other story is of Mario (SajjaTeja), who is experimenting on zombies, but fails. The four of them are working on a video game that it’s the internet and has become viral. They head to friend marriage, and they also get caught in the worst situation. They soon discover that they are fighting with real zombies rather than on mobile phones. They strive to find out the way to stop the virus from spreading. How do they come over from the situation? Whether the families will end their bitter relationships and reunite? It is all about the movie. At most of the parts, you will feel the current situation of the pandemic.

The level of excitement to watch the first zombie movie is high among the fans. You can watch zombie reddy movie online at Aha. The picture and sound quality of Aha will give you a real-life experience. So, get the app downloaded and enjoy the films.

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