July 22, 2024

Look Into the Packaging Solutions and Find the Perfect Ones

Proper packaging and shipping of your CBD boxes will not only ensure a good presentation, but also minimize damage and dissatisfaction for the recipient. Here are three tips on how best to package and ship. We distinguish between primary packaging also called packaging and sales packaging and logistics packaging (also called shipping packaging).

Choose a Suitable Shipping Packaging

You choose the most suitable CBD Vape Boxes packaging for your shipment based on the content of the shipment and method of transport. It offers the following shipping packaging and accessories:

  • Airmail or bubble wraps envelopes
  • Boxes
  • Crates
  • Baking
  • Pallet boxes
  • Containers
  • Barrels

The heavier the content, the stronger the shipping packaging should be. If the contents contain hazardous substances, the shipping packaging must have a corresponding UN approval.


For example, if your shipment is heavy, fragile or dangerous, you need to take that into account when packing. To prevent damage, it is important that the shipping packaging is filled. If the shipping package does not completely encompass the contents or if an extra protective layer is desired, you can use protective and padding materials. You can choose from the following materials:

  • Protective flakes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Filler paper

In all cases, the content should not be able to slide. Choose the material that is suitable for your products. It also supply vermiculite for the transport of batteries and accumulators.

Ensure a Good Finish

Crates, bins, containers and barrels are closed with the matching lids and closures. Close boxes with tape. Place tape of at least 48 mm wide over all open cracks. The larger or heavier the package, the stronger the tape should be. The different types are:

  • PP acrylic tape
  • PP hot melt tape
  • PVC tape (including printing)

In addition to the widely used transparent and brown tape, you can also opt for printed tape with your own logo, colors and images. Ask us for more information.

Strapping Band

Use strapping tape to reinforce heavy packages. Do not use string or paper. Choose from the strapping materials:

  • Steel
  • PP
  • PE

Strapping band can be attached manually or mechanically. Based on the required elasticity, breaking strength, tension loss and quantity, we are happy to advise you on the most suitable material for your shipment.


Shipments can be sent per piece via a parcel service or with more pieces on a pallet. The following types of pallets and accessories are widely used:

  • Wooden pallet cp
  • Wooden pallet euro
  • Wood fiber pallet
  • Plastic pallet
  • Plastic pallet h1
  • Cover plates (cardboard intermediate plates)

Choose a pallet that is strong enough for the load of your shipment and that can be handled by the shipper.

In the process of CBD Packaging these are the most essential points to keep in mind.

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