April 21, 2024

The Hacking Alerts You Need To Take Note Of!

Security cameras are meant to protect your house from potential thefts and overall threats. Some security cameras are so sensitive to sounds and motions that the system will immediately alert you of any breach. Now although that sounds extremely reassuring, there is a downside to this. These security cameras, if not looked after, are susceptible to hacks. In other words, security cameras can be hacked easily if certain measures are not taken by the owner or the manufacturer. So one must take note of a few signals, which may mean that your security camera has been hacked and the system’s been compromised.

  • Weird noises

This is perhaps the first sign of a potential hack. If your security camera has begun to make strange, unusual, and weird noises, it could mean that it has been hacked and your every move is being recorded. The strange noises, thus, simply mean that someone else is now controlling your security camera system.

  • Unusual movement

Most indoor security cameras are static. They offer wide-angle lenses that can cover a great amount of space. So if you find your camera moving, even when it is not supposed to, someone has probably hacked into your system and you are probably being watched. Further, since these cameras are articulate, there may be a weird sound that accompanies the movement, giving you an audible alert of a possible hack or that something might be wrong.

  • The LED light¬†

The security cameras come with an inbuilt precaution of an LED light, indicating that someone remotely is accessing the camera without the owner’s knowledge. So if you see the LED light on, it would undoubtedly mean that your security camera system has been hacked.

  • Changed password

Lastly, while setting up the security cameras for the first time, you’re asked to create an account with the service. So when you are abruptly logged out of the system and the app does not log in anymore, it could possibly mean that your cameras have been hacked. In such cases, you may not necessarily receive an email stating the changes in your password. So keeping a tab on such activities is quite important that most of us think.


To be completely protected is not just about installing security cameras all over the house, but about knowing the ins and outs of the whole system. One must, therefore, understand the system totally before installing it in the house.

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