June 23, 2024

Can you play billiards as an alternative? Learn about all pool-like games

According to GetMega, Billiards Games is a group of skill games that originated in England during the British Empire’s reign. Although it was originally played in Commonwealth countries, the game has since spread globally, with countries such as Russia developing their own iterations.

While we enjoy these traditional American billiards games, they can become tedious after a while. When this occurs, it is time to try something new. Trying out new pool games on Getmega can keep things interesting, sharpen your skills, and even bring in more players. As the technology has advanced, pool games have evolved over time, becoming even more diverse and fun.

Continue reading to find out about more fun and unique billiards games to play with your friends on Getmega. 

Straight Rail and Balkline

Balkline is an umbrella term for carom billiards games played with a red object ball and two cue balls. The ten-foot-by-five-foot playing table has no pockets, but does have divisions called back spaces that are denoted by balklines. Previously, spectators complained that the game was too easy, with top players scoring a lot of points

One Pool

One-pocket pool differs from other types of billiards in that only two pockets are active at any given time, with each player having their own pocket. A point is awarded each time you pot a ball in your pocket. You can hit any ball, regardless of colour or number, and the game is won by the first person to pocket eight balls. A foul is committed when a ball is placed in the wrong pocket, and three consecutive fouls result in the opponent winning the game.

English Billiards

If you want to experience a balanced combination of cannon and pocket billiards games, you have to play  English games. Players will need two cue balls and a red object ball for this game. As a result, each team selects a different cue ball to use throughout the game. At the start of each game, players/teams must decide who goes first. They do this by taking turns hitting their cue balls across the table, causing them to bounce off the cushion before returning. The number of scores determines the winner, as it does in most billiards games.


This billiard game, as also mentioned in GetMega, is quite adaptable because it allows players to play in groups of three or as teams. They also get to choose how many balls they will use. In a standard game, however, each player on the team/game receives 5 balls. For easy identification, the balls must be numbered. The goal of the game is for players to pocket each other’s balls, and the winner is the last player whose ball remains on the table. Players have the legal right to play as long as they continue to pocket balls whenever they shoot. When a player’s ball is completely removed from the table, he or she is eliminated.

Power Snooker

This game is very similar to snooker. And most players recognize it as the most well-known type of snooker game. The main difference between the Power Snooker and Billiards Game is the fast paced nature of Power Snooker. Those who have played both agree that this one is more entertaining, making it a game that is enjoyable not only for the participants but also for the spectators. In 30 minutes, players use nine red balls. And scoring is determined by a player’s ability to hit two red balls at the cushion. The player who made the maximum points wins the game.

Three Balls

This game, as the name implies, is played with only three balls and one cue ball. Players concentrate on sinking all three balls as quickly as possible with the cue ball. The game is more enjoyable with a maximum of five players, though some may agree to accommodate more. And, while this game appears to be the easiest, it is actually the most difficult because sinking all three balls is difficult. The winner is the player who reaches the predetermined number of points first.

Billiard games are known for being a lot of fun, not only for the players but for the spectators as well. So, if you’ve been playing traditional types for a while and want to switch to contemporary, the above list shows that you have a plethora of options available on GetMega. 

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