June 23, 2024

Are Glass Chair Mats Worth The Hype?

An office chair seems pretty fun, doesn’t it? Rolling across one end of your desk to another as you rummage through paper and look at multiple screens – they are your perfect companion for busy days at work.

However, they are not the perfect companion for your floor carpets. The constant rolling around means a lot of wear and tear to your carpets.

But you no longer have to worry about that. Carpet glass chair mats offer your floors and carpets the essential protection they need. When people read “glass”, they often picture a fragile material that breaks and cracks easily. However, manufacturers guarantee that these mats are highly durable.

So, if you are sceptical about these modern-looking chair mats, dive in to find out if they are really worth the hype.

How tough do chair mats need to be?

Chair mats are made with one goal in mind: protect the flooring or carpet under the chair. According to Science Daily, employees spend 5 hours and 41 minutes sitting at their desks during an average work week.

Hence, your chair mat has to be designed such that it can withstand a human body on a chair, rolling around for almost 6 hours every day.

And that is just the beginning. You would probably have people visiting your desk, small objects falling, people wearing heels, and many other things in an office set-up.

So, how tough does your chair mat have to be?

TLDR: They have to be very tough.

Is glass a reliable material?

Although it may sound absurd to use glass for chair mats, it makes a lot of sense. Think about it.

We use glass almost everywhere. We use them:

  • To make windows for houses and cars
  • For protection against radiation in electronic appliances and aeroplanes
  • As packaging for medical equipment
  • To make cutlery

Hence, glass is a lot more durable than you would think. This high durability is the biggest reason it is considered for making chair mats.

So, are they really worth buying?

Now that we have durability down, we come back to our original question: are carpet glass chair mats worth the hype?

There are many reasons why they became so trendy. Some things that make them such a popular choice are:

  • The modern looks:

The glass gives these mats a stylish finish. They elevate your chair just slightly above the ground while still blending into the floor perfectly. Since you can still see the carpet color underneath, it can easily match any office’s aesthetic.

  • Highly customizable:

These chair mats can be customized to fit your needs and style. You can choose different shapes and adjust the dimensions.

  • Extremely adaptable:

Glass chair mats are designed to be highly adaptable. You can place them on any flooring. Hardwood, tiles, carpets — they are suitable for all and any kind of flooring.

  • Long-lasting:

When you buy chair mats, you have to replace them every few years. However, you don’t have to do that with carpet glass chair mats. Glass is much more durable and lasts longer. So, you can roll comfortably and freely while protecting the ground below.

Final thoughts

Carpet glass chair mats are toughened, so they can withstand a lot of weight. They are an excellent choice for protecting your floors while giving your office a modern look.

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