June 23, 2024

Which gift is best for a girl best friend?

Do you have a girl best friend who will have a birthday soon? Or is there another moment she will celebrate?

Apart from being present at that moment, surely what comes to your mind is giving the best gift delivery.

Important Key: Make sure the gifts you give are according to your friend’s taste

Knowing what she likes and her taste will imply how much you know each other. By giving the right gift, your friend thinks that she is close and very valuable to your life. To find out, all you need to do is pay attention to the things your best friend likes.

If her hobby is related to culinary, a tasty dessert box can be an option. If your friend loves plants, a flower delivery Singapore bouquet that matches her favorite color is a great gift. A simple and useful gift will be more meaningful to your friend than a lavish gift that doesn’t really suit her taste. 

For Students, Stationery Gifts will be Very Useful

What school students need in general are books and stationery. Stationery items are the right and useful gift for your friends who are students. An advantage of this gift is you don’t need to prepare a big budget.

You can give notebooks, pens, pencil cases, and other writing tools and wrap them into cute gifts. Besides stationery, you can also give basic skincare or age-appropriate cosmetics as gifts such as lip balm, sunscreen, or powder.

For college friends, gifts in the form of outfits and accessories are sure to be liked

Most students will like simple and not complicated clothes when going to campus, so giving gifts of outfits and accessories is more likely to make them happy. Don’t forget, make sure to adjust it to the taste and size suitable for your beloved friend.

You can give her an outer such as a scarf, sweater, and cardigan. For accessories, you should choose one that can be used daily, such as gloves, watches, or wallets. If you want something a little more special, you can gift a bracelet with engraved names. So sweet!

For coworkers, gifts such as tumblers and ornamental plants are also suitable

Sometimes mealtime at the office can be chaotic. You can show her that you care by giving her a lunch box or tumbler. After that, you can invite her to eat lunch together during the break, making the friendship stronger.

Not only interrupted eating hours, but office work can also bring boredom. Ornamental plants can be another option for your coworkers’ gifts. Besides beautifying the room to get rid of boredom, some ornamental plants have health benefits such as dust repellent to radiation reduction of electronic devices. Try giving mini-sized ornamental plants such as cactus and the tongue-in-law.

Other Important Points to Note:

After knowing her taste, the following things can also determine whether your gift will impress your friend.

Even though you are very close, you can still have trouble choosing a suitable gift for a girl friend.

You can give her something that has been desired for a long time

If you are still confused about which gift your best friend will like, find out what she has been dreaming of for a long time! Pay attention to the topic of the conversation. Does she talk about her desire for an item? If so, this item can be the best gift for her, and you can be sure that your best friend will love the gift.

If you feel out of budget because the price is too high, you can invite other friends close to her to buy the gift jointly. To add the element of surprise, it’s best not to ask directly about what your best friend wants for her birthday, but rather pay attention to whether there’s anything that catches her eye.

Best gift recommendations for girl friends

It is time for us to provide several product options that you can offer on your best friend’s special day. Hopefully, the following birthday gift recommendations can represent one of the various options you are looking for:


A suitable gift delivery for a girl friend is perfume. By wearing perfume, a girl’s level of confidence will increase. Find out in advance what scent or perfume brand she likes and doesn’t have.

Skincare and Cosmetics

You can also take the initiative to buy makeup (cosmetics) and skincare tools. Before that, you have to know what cosmetics are suitable for her skin. So, this gift was not in vain.


Almost all women like this one item, including your female friends. Especially now that there are many styles of bags, from simple to glamorous. But adjust it to your friend’s taste, does he prefer a glamorous bag or a simple one.

Favorite Music Album

The next gift is a favorite music album. Since it’s close, surely you already know the band or musician she likes.

Or, if there is a music concert that you both like, you can buy two tickets and invite her to the concert together.

Financial Planner Book

Notebook for managing finances more fun. Are you concerned with your friend’s financial arrangements? Give this notebook as a gift! The notebook is equipped with a financial planner design that will help your friends’ cash flow records with an easy and simple template. By giving this book, you will also help her be more organized in financial planning.

This financial planner book contains several other important and interesting sections, such as the yearly calendar, monthly tracker, weekly tracker, monthly budgeting, a wishlist of the month, expense list tracker, saving tracker, and note to the self page.

So, the above products is worth giving as gifts to your girl friend, right? Remember, when buying gifts, you need to know what your friend likes as a basic idea. Determine the value of the gift based on your relationship with her. Is it a friend from childhood or adulthood? Keep your friendship stronger!

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