April 21, 2024

What Are Some Common Cosmetic Oral Procedures, and How Are They Beneficial?

The young generation is becoming more conscious of the aesthetics of their faces, and smiles are a significant part of that. Thus, in order to have a beautiful smile with pearly white teeth, you may be wondering what common and effective procedures are available to sustain it. The availability of dentists in Michigan is pretty average as compared to other states, and some areas also face shortages of local dentists. 

As reported, Michigan has about 250 dental professional shortage areas. But if you live in or around areas surrounding Grand Rapids, then Cosmetic dentistry in Grand Rapids, MI, serves your needs associated with dental health-related issues. Some common cosmetic dental procedures include the following:

  • Tooth Bleaching

It is one of the most popular procedures out there to get a little bit of brightening for your teeth, as it is a relatively affordable and simple process that can be performed at the dental office or home, but a dentist is always suggested as over-the-counter treatments may not give most people the results that they desire.

  • Invisalign¬†

Invisalign serves as a better alternative to traditional braces because they are nearly invisible and easy to maintain and care for. Thus, they can be used in an effective manner to fix any misalignment persisting in your teeth, which allows you to smile freely without any hesitation whatsoever.

  • Dental Veneers

Dental veneers have been the undisputed cosmetic procedure for a plethora of years now. They are essentially tooth-colored shells that fit over the front surface of your teeth and improve their appearance. These shells are custom-made for your teeth. Veneers are an ideal option for those who have dark stains on their teeth that do not go away with bleaching. They also work for chipped or fractured front teeth.

  • Enamel Bonding

It is also a great and effective procedure for those who have stained or chipped teeth. The material is essentially the same that dentists use for white dental fillings. However, a lot of people choose veneers over this because they lack a life span when compared to dental veneers, which thus becomes a relative drawback.

  • Enamel Abrasion

Enamel abrasion is another way to remove discoloration from your teeth. The procedure involves using fine pumice in a micro-abrasion machine that basically removes stains on the surface of your teeth.

Visit a dentist in Grand Rapids!

Although some over-the-counter treatments are available, it is always recommended that you visit a dentist for such cosmetic dental procedures, as they not only professionally carry out the treatment but also enlighten you on how to sustain them for a longer period of time. Moreover, those OTC treatments may not show the results that you hoped for, and you may feel disappointed.

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