July 22, 2024

6 Things to Look For Before Buying a Circuit Breaker

Overloading or short circuits inside the circuit is a significant safety risk in homes and offices. And electric circuit breakers are required to stop the short circuit from happening. Moreover, if a problem is present in the circuitry, the entire system will interrupt the current flow, bringing it to a halt.

So to safeguard your house and reduce the chances of short circuits, you need to use electrical circuit breakers. But how can you buy a circuit breaker? Keep on reading to find out things to look for before you buy circuit breakers for your home or office.

Focus on the Voltage Rating

When selecting an electric circuit breaker, the total voltage is indeed a crucial consideration. You can calculate this by determining the maximum voltage applied across all output ports, the kind of transmission, and the integration of this circuit breaker through the electric system. The insufficient electric voltage will result in a burst fuse and risk all through the house.


The level of frequency should also be considered before you buy a circuit breaker. It is essential to understand the required frequency for a circuit breaker. So for electric frequencies between 50 and 120 Hz, you can use up to 600 amps circuit breakers.

The circuit breaker will ultimately need to cut power if the frequency exceeds 120 Hz. By doing this, you can ensure that you choose a circuit breaker that fits your need and avoids causing issues in your house.

Utilize the Catalog Number

You must get a precise breaker that perfectly fits into the existing panels when you intend to fix a defective one. And if you are buying a new one, then first buy the panels and then search for a circuit breaker. Check if you could somehow read out the catalog number by looking more closely at the circuit breaker. You may still examine a few other circuit breakers if you can’t read the catalog number on the circuit breaker, which you need to change.

Maximum Breaking Limit 

The maximum breaking capacity is something you need to look at. The maximum fault current which a breaker can disrupt without causing the system to collapse is usually regarded to be the breaking limit. So the one guideline you must adhere to here is that the circuit breaker’s interruption capacity must be the same or greater than the fault current provided directly at the location where the circuit breaker is connected.

The Price

The cost of an electric circuit breaker is another thing to consider. There is significant variation in the cost of circuit breakers, so you should be cautious about what to pay. And although some electric circuit breakers can be marketed at the proper ampere and appear suitable, these are cheap solutions and may not be of high quality.

The Continuous Current Rating 

The molded case circuit breakers are rated at a particular temperature in continuous current ratings. Here, you can choose any temperature, but 104 degrees is the safest and recommended for calibrating standard electric circuit breakers. This is a consistent level of temperature which will surround the circuits and can assist you in obtaining accurate readings constantly.

Now you know what you need to look for before you buy circuit breakers. Meanwhile, the ideal spot to get a circuit breaker is from an online seller. You can rely on the best product on hand and will be acquainted with a wide range of products. Besides, you can trust their expertise to assist you in selecting the suitable circuit breaker for your business or home needs.

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