July 22, 2024

How LoginID’s Biometric Payment Authentication Works with eCommerce, FinTech, & Crypto

Businesses have an opportunity to respond to growing consumer demand with continuous developments in technological innovation. One example is automating commercial and banking operations, which helps make transactions more convenient for customers. With more than $39 billion in annual revenue, the global market for biometric technologies is steadily growing.

Furthermore, cryptocurrency is faster and more convenient than traditional payment methods. They can access various bank services without intermediaries, as cryptocurrency is not regulated.

E-commerce businesses can use biometric authentication to satisfy their customers’ digital requirements, which makes it easier to sell products or services online. Digital wallets enable transactions to be done electronically and allow for payments.

Even though financial institutions have adopted digital systems, fraudsters are still increasing. Hackers are getting more tech-savvy as they learn how to bypass passwords or personal identification numbers (or pins). Login ID is a robust solution for customer authentication that companies must implement to protect personal data.

E-commerce merchants can opt to use biometrics instead of passwords. E-commerce merchants can use biometric authentication to confirm payment, which reduces fraud risks in the long run.

Due to the increasing fraud online, companies and businesses should be concerned about digital security. Companies can use passwordless authentication to integrate into their systems to verify user identities and protect all transactions. Instead of using passwords for authentication, users can use their digital signatures instead.

Financial technology, also known as FinTech companies, stores vast amounts of personal information, and passwordless authentication can help ensure security for it. Password-only authentication is not recommended for security systems as it can result in massive data breaches and financial loss. Online identity thieves can easily access weak passwords, and these data breaches can tarnish customer trust and damage brand reputation.

Personal information cannot be secured using passwords or knowledge-based credentials. Businesses should now choose passwordless security solutions as they can provide easy payment confirmations and improve conversion rates in the long term. It reduces cart abandonment and protects data privacy.

LoginID’s passwordless options can be integrated across multiple platforms, operating systems, devices, and channels. As more people use passwordless authentication, password management is less important. Instead, companies and enterprises’ IT departments can focus on the critical tasks that will help them grow long-term.

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