July 22, 2024

Choose the Right Auto Transport Company According to Your Need

Are you planning to move your car? You must have searched for a vehicle shipping company for your convenience. Well, there are so many companies claiming to be the best in the industry. How can you decide, which one would be the right one for you?

There are various factors in work that determine what exactly you should opt for. Everybody wants the best service for their vehicle. However, you have to consider the budget, insurance coverage, shipping method, shipping date and delivery options for finding the right fit.

With these pointers you would be able to know what to look for in the available options –

Find the Right Broker and Carrier

A trustworthy broker would never leave the job at just finding a carrier for your car. They have the liability to negotiate the price and shipping date and ensure that your car is in safe hands. They would also assist you in claiming the insurance if any accident occurs. Throughout the whole transportation process, they represent you and get all the work done.

When you are shipping your car from New York to Florida you can rely on companies like Ship a Car, Inc. They have thousands of experienced carriers in their network with high customer satisfaction. This vehicle shipping company is based in the State of Florida, USA and provides its service nationwide. Make sure to check their valid USDOT and MC number.

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Understanding the Full Cost and Insurance

If you have a good broker, they would break down the cost of shipping and make you understand the details without any discrepancy. You won’t have to pay anything for getting a basic quote from a broker company. Remember that this is not the total cost and just an estimate. After you select your options and agree to the terms of the carrier you would get the final cost and have to pay the initial deposit while signing the agreement papers.

It would also include the insurance cost. The insurance cost is fixed after you check out your personal auto insurance coverage and the carrier’s insurance policy. You have to pay the final due to the carrier after they deliver the vehicle. Contact your broker if there is any damage when you fill out the bill of lading.

Choose the Shipping Method and Delivery Option

These options obviously contribute to the estimate of the transport cost. Don’t go only for the cheapest option and rather try to figure out what would be best for your vehicle. Generally, you have two types of carrier – open and enclosed. Open carrier is less-expensive but enclosed carrier can protect your car from road debris and weather.

There are three types of delivery options –

  • Door-to-door
  • Terminal-to-terminal
  • Combined (door-to-terminal or terminal-to-door)

Delivery Date and Time

No auto transport company would guarantee the delivery date or time. Traffic, accidents, weather or other unexpected are variables that can affect the delivery. But the carrier would try their best to deliver the vehicle in estimated time.

Every company has different terms and conditions. Make sure you understand them before signing the contract.

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